Seccubus v2.48 - compatibility and more

09 May 2018

We just released a new Seccubus version, you can download it from PackageCloud or from GitHub

9-5-2018 - v2.48 - compatibility and more

This release is fully compatible with the vulnerability management platform.

Differences with 2.46


  • Seccubus now support as a scanning platform
  • Added parsing of the ROBOT (bleichenbacher) attack to the SSLlabs scanner
  • Added a dev environment example config
  • Increased the size of the scannerparam field in the database

Bug Fixes

  • #635 - Hypnotoad path was set incorrectly in systemd startup script on CentOS 7
  • #642 - Updated readme to address how to run a scan on a running container
  • Fixed an error in the Docker examples in
  • Added zip to the docker image because it is