Seccubus v2.50 - Alpine docker containers

08 November 2018

We just released a new Seccubus version, you can download it from PackageCloud or from GitHub

5-11-2018 - v2.50 - Seccubus Alpine

This release brings new Alpine based docker containers and fixes a compatibility issue with MySQL/MariaDB version 8 and above.

The change to Alpine as the base images has resulted in a seriously smaller container size. Besides that we’ve also published specialized containers that are smaller then the default container.

Image name Purpose Contents Badge
seccubus Run a full Seccubus stack in a single container Perl code, web servers, cron daemon, scanning tools and MariaDB server
seccubus-front Serving just the front end HTML, javascript and css NGinx webserver and code. No database, cron daemon, scanning tools, perl code or database.
seccubus-web Serving front and code and API simultaniously Perl code, frontend HTML code. Cron daemon, scanning tools or database.
seccubus-api Serving just the API. Perl code. No front end code, cron daemon, scanning tools or database.
seccubus-perl Running command line scripts, e.g. to scan Perl code, scanning tools. No front end code, cron deamon or database
seccubus-cron Running cron deamon to execute scans Perl code, scanning tools and cron daemon. No front end code, or database.

Differences with 2.48


  • Seccubus containers are now built based on Alpine
  • Minimal specialized docker containers available for front end, api, front end+api, perl and cron

Bug Fixes

  • Seccubus rpm’s are now also being built for Fedora version 27 and 28
  • RPMs for Fedora version 25 depricated
  • Fixed building of supporting Centos v7 rpms
  • #585 - Added default credentials to the readme file
  • #660 - Sudo added to docker images
  • #655 - Shell set to /bin/bash for user seccubus
  • #662 - Fixing documentation typos
  • #673 - PERL5LIB set to /opt/seccubus for seccubus user via debian package

  • #635 - Hypnotoad path was set incorrectly in systemd