Seccubus v2.46 - Packages for RedHat/Centos 7

14 December 2017

We just released a new Seccubus version, you can download it from PackageCloud or from GitHub

14-12-2017 - v2.46 - RedHat 7 / Centos 7 packages

This release adds RPM support for RedHat 7 and CentOS 7. Because Mojolicious and some of its dependancies were not available as RPM on any of the standard repos for el7 we are also buildign these RPMs as part of our el7 build street now and are pushing these packages to our repository. This makes tweaks like this one by @Ar0xA unneccasary.


  • Added support for RedHat 7 / CentOS 7 RPM packages. With the extra needed packages being added to

Bug Fixes

  • #588 - Fix Nmap Plugin ID leak (Thanks @alirezakv)
  • #589 - Fix OpenVAS scan execution bug with only 1 target defined (Thanks @alirezakv)
  • #603 - Nessus scan fails when pdf files cannot be exported (Thanks @Ar0xA)
  • #615 - Docker: when the database was on the data volume the database failed to start
  • #617 - Nikto scanner gives unintended error output
  • Theodoor Scholte fixed some typos in the scanner scripts (Thanks!)
  • Streamlined CircleCI unit testing