What does the name Seccubus mean?

The author has provided the following explanation of the name Seccubus:

Seccubus is a mythical creature that helps security professionals analyze and report the results of, repeated, vulnerability scans. Like its distant cousins the Succubus and Incubus the Seccubus is also a creature of the night. At night, or any other scheduled time, the Seccubus draws its energy from repeatedly performing vulnerability scans of infrastructures until the vulnerabilities become exhausted or die. The Inseccubus is the male counterpart of the Seccubus. While the Inseccubus draws his life energy from the assessor by repeatedly requiring him to (re-)analyse the same findings, the Seccubus gets her energy from pleasing the assessor by reducing the number of findings by means of delta reporting.

The name Seccubus was chosen from a list of over 50 ideas sent after the contest was announced via the Seccubus website, Hacker Public Radio, Paul dot com and various other social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. On the 19th of November Frank Breedijk, the author of Seccubus, announced that Jason Mansfield, who runs the website http://clinicallyawasome.com, has won the contest by sending in the name Seccubus. Jason won a bottle of Vueve Cliquot champaign.