Seccubus v2.44 - PackageCloud release

15 November 2017

We just released a new Seccubus version, you can download it from PackageCloud or from GitHub

15-11-2017 - v2.44 - PackageCloud release

This release cleans up technical debt. Package building has been moved from OpenSuse Build Services to CicleCI and packages now automatically are uploade to our PackageCloud repositories.

Here you will find two repositories:

  • Latest - Follows the latest code that gets merged into the master branch
  • Releases - Follows the regular releases

You can configure these repositories on your operating system to include Seccubus upgrades in your regular package updates.


  • #597 - do-scan and import ivil now log to syslog
  • #605 - Container scan command allows scans to only starts on a certain weekday
  • Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian package building has been moved to CircleCI
  • Packages are automatically uploaded to

Bug Fixes

  • #593 - Fixed incorrect parsing of the values for poodleTls finding in SSLlabs.
  • #595 - Fixed incorrect parsing of the values for Ticketbleed finding in SSLlabs.