Seccubus v2.42 - Kali, Certificate validation and State Engine

24 October 2017

We just released a new Seccubus version, you can download it here

20-10-2017 - v2.42 - Kali, Certificate validation and State Engine

Three major improvements in this release:

  • It fixes a big issue with the validation of SSL certificates. Certificate validation was cot correctly turned off in the Nessus scanner when an internal scanner is used
  • Debian packages now work on Debian, Ubuntu and Kali
  • The state engine still had a bug when findings needed to recover from the Gone status


  • Unit testing moved from Circle CI v1.0 to CircleCI v2.0 to increase testing speed
  • Now also building .deb file on Circle CI and testing them against debian v8 and v9, Ubuntu and Kali Linux

Bug Fixes

  • #580 - –cdn option did not add IPs to finding if findings were not consitent across endpoints
  • #572 - Issues with disabling SSL verification in Nessus
  • #571 - @SHoekstra fixed: testssl scan fails on docker because hexdump is not installed
  • #563 - Fixed an issue with picking the wrong color for notes (Severity 4)
  • #533 - Installation of .deb package on Kali failed (Thanks @rhertzog)
  • #509 - Fixed a bug in the state engine, causing incorrect recovery from gone when an issue was previously closed
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate asset_hosts were created on certain platforms (e.g. docker)
  • Fixed an issue in how filters were composed if
  • Removed debug output from
  • Fixed git complaining about unrelated histories