Seccubus v2.40 - Various fixes and improvements

15 September 2017

We just released a new Seccubus version, you can download it here

15-9-2017 - v2.40 - Fixes and improvements

This release mainly fixes installation issues on Debian and issue in docker that are due to the PERL5LIB path that doesn’t include the current directory anymore. It also fixes the issue where people were unable to connect to a Nessus instance with a self signed certificate that was trigged by altered behaviour of a perl library. I’ve also fixed and tweaked the user interface a bit.


  • #539 - Status tab will become the default instead of the login tab if there is a config issue

Bug Fixes

  • #499 - Status change buttons in findings grid not working
  • #529 - No all buttons were working correctly when working with linked issues
  • #536 - Seccubus did not install on debian because openssl passphrase was too short (also effected docker container)
  • #534 - Fixed an error that prevented connections to a Nessus instance with a self signed certificate on certain OSes
  • #542 - Docker broken
  • #548 - Notifications editor did not work correctly
  • #549 - Deleting notifications did not work correctly
  • #559 - PERL5LIB path was not set in cron container
  • #563 - Removed some dedug output