So you want to contribute to Seccubus? Cool here’s a few things you should know.


First of all thanks for even considering. Seccubus is open source because contributions make it better and we could do it all without a little bit of help.


All code is maintained and versioned via our Github repository.

Pull requests

If you have a contribution, we do accept pull requests. Please make sure you have pulled in the latest changes from the master branch before you create your pull request.


Seccubus has quite a few, but never enough, unit tests. If you can please add unit test to your work that would be highly appreciated.

All commits and pull requests will trigger unit tests in Travis-CI. Please make sure all unit tests pass before you create a pull requests, or fix your pull request if you were too late ;)

Issue tracker

We use the issue tracker in GitHub to support users, raise chance requests and file bugs.

Slack channel

Most developers are the Seccubus organisation on Slack. This is where you chat with us.

Copyright disclaimer

Seccubus is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Please read the license and make sure you are allowed to contribute to the project before you do so. Copyright law is confusing, complex and different from country to country. We expect that you know best how it applies to you.

Contributing to this website

This website is open source too. Clone and check out the GitHub repo. Pull requests accepted.