JIT provisioning of users

Is it possible to provision users Just In Time (JIT)?

Seccubus supports JIT provisioning of users if usernames are injected via a header as of development version 2.35.2 or release 2.36.

Let assume you have the following in your configuration file:

        <sessionkey><Some randomString></sessionkey>

This configuration sniplet derects Seccubus for the following behaviour.

Assume there is an authenticating proxy between Seccubus and the user

+------+           +-------+           +----------+
| User | --------> | Proxy | --------> | Seccubus |
+------+           +-------+           +----------+

This proxy authenticates users and injects the username in a header like this:

REMOTEUSER: seccubus

If the user doesn’t exist and the <jit_group> directive exists, the user will be created on the fly, if jit_group is set to ADMINISTRATORS the user will be created on the fly and be granted adminstrator privileges.