Installation from source

How to install Seccubus from source?

Seccubus can be installed directly from a github clone.

Attention we actually recommand you use prebuilt packages located at [] or the docker 
containers unless you are an experienced linux user

Clone the github repository

git clone

Make sure you have prerequisite software

You need to have the following software to build seccubus

  • git
  • Make
  • Java
  • Mojolicious

On Debian based systems (e.g. Kali linux) you can run the following command to install it:

sudo apt-get install make git openjdk-11-jre libmojolicious-perl


cd Seccubus


Now you need to run as root

cd build
sudo ./ –-help

Running ./ –help will show the help message and show the paramers for the Seccubus install. E.g. if you want to install everything in /opt/seccubus do:

sudo ./ --basedir=/opt/seccubus

Start seccubus

cd /opt/seccubus
PERL5LIB=/opt/seccubus hypnotoad

Configure seccubus

Now we have to create its database and update its configuration.

Go to the configuration directory and copy config.xml.mysql.example to config.xml

cd /opt/seccubus/etc
cp config.xml.mysql.example config.xml

Edit config.xml and change the database server, username and password to the values matching your setup

Create database

Now create the database and populate the database with the following commands:

mysql << EOF
create database seccubus;
grant all privileges on seccubus.* to seccubus@localhost identified by '<password>';
flush privileges;
mysql -u seccubus –p seccubus < /opt/seccubus/db/structure_vX.mysql
mysql -u seccubus -p seccubus < /opt/seccubus/db/data_vX.mysql

Reload seccubus

cd /opt/seccubus