Seccubus v2.52 - Varna release

05 June 2019

We just released a new Seccubus version, you can download it from PackageCloud or from GitHub

5-11-2018 - v2.52 - Varna release

A bugfix release – and we are happy to announce that Seccubus is now maintaned by Glanc, ltd team. Expect more news soon!

Differences with 2.50


  • Integration tests ( and ssllabs) now only run when commits are merged into master
  • Switched from mysql-server to mariadb-server as a dependancy on Debian based systems
  • Online version check is now served from the main website

Bug Fixes

  • #678 - Works on Mojolicious 8 again
  • #680 - RPMs are now signed again
  • #685 - Test 54 did not initialize DB before test start
  • #686 - New key staplingRevocationStatus added to ssllabs scanner
  • #688 - RPM now requires openssl so fresh installs on EL listen on https too
  • Added some test time dependancies to testssl unit test in CircleCI
  • Failing unit tests for ssllabs and testssl have been fixed again