Seccubus v2.11 - Nessus 6 compatibility release, asset management, Custom SQL and more...

28 December 2014

Download it here

For those of you that have been waiting to upgrade to Nessus 6 or those of you that use the hosted version by Tennable you can now use them with Seccubus again.

This is mostly thanks to Alexey Smirnoff of Parallels Inc. who created the Nessus 6 scanner interface and also convinced his employer to sponsor the development of the asset management function and the custom SQL function which is now available to administrative users.

From the entire set of Seccubus volunteers (@Arkenoi, @blabla1337, @SpaZ, @StevenSmiley and @Seccubus) a happy new year or a happy solstice depending on you believes/region.

Release notes

Thanks for this release goes to Alexey Smirnoff (@Arkanoi) and his employer Parallels Inc.

Alexey whipped together the Nessus 6 compatibility, fixed issues with the Qualys SSL Labs scanner. Further more his employer Parallels Inc. sponsored the development of the asset management and custom SQL feature.

28-12-2014 - 2.11 - Nessus 6 compatibility, assets, custom SQL and more

  • Nessus 6 compatibility release. Tennable decided to change the Nessus API between versions 5 and 6, therefore the Nessus plugin did not work correctly with version 6 anymore. Alexey Smirnoff was kind enough to provide a new Nessus6 scanner plugin that supports the new Nessus API.
  • Added asset management and the ability to execute custom SQL to Seccubus
  • Added indexes to findings (host,port,plugin) to speed up large DB queries

Bug Fixes

  • #140 - Nessus 6 integration
  • #141 - Multiple issues with Qualys SSL Labs scanner
  • #144 - Perl-CGI is bundled with perl 5.8 rpm’s so no need to bundle it
  • #152 - Pull request for Asset management
  • #159 - It was impossible to launch scan with policy that lacks template UUID